The author, Lorette Gay, truly believes that it isn’t by hazard that bad or good things happen to us. We’re here on earth with a predeterminate assignment and with a plan that was designed for each of us. We don’t make our destiny; we’re born with it. Born in Haiti and married, she’s the mother of three lovely, handsome children. At the age of ten, she traveled to Canada with her mother, then returned to her origin country two years later to complete her residence. Oddly, her mother refused to go back. In 1987, after the presidential overthrow, she and her family established their lives in the United States. She thought that it wasn’t meant for her to become Haitian Canadian but a Haitian American. She never had the good fortune to meet her father, even once in her life. She was left to live with her grandparents. Deprived of her mother’s presence, and as the only child in her grandparents’ house, aloneness didn’t take long to invade her young soul. She took refuge in reading books, especially good French literature books—Victor Hugo, Pierre de Ronsard, Jean de LaFontaine, etc.—and Haitian literacy classics of Oswald Durand, Etzer Vilaire, and Massillon Coicou, to cite a few. She also took real pleasure to observe the folkloric panorama of the nature. Nature, which has become her best friend. Through her journeys, she has encountered various up and downs that didn’t let her any lull. She doesn’t let all this dishearten her because of her belief—that burdens.